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Stamp Carving Adventures

I only recently discovered that you can carve your own rubber stamps and I was hooked! In my adventures I have discovered a few different techniques and materials and hope that I can continue to improve. I definitely recommend micro carving tools (used for wood) and the pink block by speedball (medium texture but soft enough for beginners). I really like these designs I doodled up with so I am going to try listing them on etsy to see the response.


Something New-Stamp Carving

I tried carving some dollar store vinyl erasers last night and was fairly happy with the results. I have to work on improving my lines and keeping the stamp ‘clean’. The most difficult part is the lettering since its so small! I use micro carving tools that you can purchase from a full supply wood crafting store. I specifically picked mine up from a store in Kitchener called Chipping Away¬†