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New Earrings

I am loving how these earrings I am working on are turning out! I am finishing it up by polishing to get a shine on the high areas and the tube bezels will be set with some pretty green sapphires to stimulate leaves. Will hopefully be posted in the shop by tomorrow morning.

Lots of Stacking Rings

I spent literally the whole day creating many bezels, rings and settings. It was a great learning experience for me especially since I am self taught. I really want to learn how to set tiny stones both round and non round! One project I failed today was soldering the rose gold filled bands. I will be re-attempting that tomorrow!!

Working with Druzy

I only recently discovered this natural stone. It is difficult to work with and almost seems to delicate to set but druzy adds a very interesting look to jewelry because each one is one of a kind. This is my first attempt to make a bezel for a irregular stone and it was a great success in my opinion! It will be posted in the shop tomorrow.

Rose Cut Sapphire

I finally tried setting some rose cut sapphires I got in some nice shades of orange and red. I would like to set them in yellow gold but silver just adds a really striking contrast against brightly colored gemstones.

Rose Cut Diamonds

I love wearing rings in slim stacks, both plain and with gemstones. I am working on improving my skills at soldering slim rings out of gold filled and sterling silver wire. I am trying many different combinations of styles to come up with something unique. This week I am finishing up the cabochon stack rings and next week I get to work with some gorgeous rose cut diamonds I am getting from India! They will be in various sizes and shapes…I will share some pictures of the goods with you!

New Designs-Cabochon Stacking Rings

I have been immersed in working on some unique designs for my new shop. Over the next couple days I will be working on creating a set of colorful and delicate stacking rings. I will post them every evening and list the next morning 🙂

Rough Diamonds

I found these great diamonds through a US seller and was lucky to get them at a great price. They are really tiny but in great colors of grey, bluish grey, white, yellow and brown. I set them with clear resin in a fine silver bezel so they look like one big Drusy stone! I will be trying out a stacking combination next with a small round bezel with the raw diamonds plus one small earthy diamond that is bezel set as well.

New Etsy Shop

Here is a link to my new shop! I am continuing to study jewelry design (mostly on my own with some guidance from my PMC teacher). In the next couple weeks I am going to be experimenting with gemstones, cabochons and some raw diamonds! Come back and visit 🙂