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Final Miniature Project-nearing completion

I got alot of work done the last 2 days. I am about 98% done with this final project before the show. I am getting very nervous as it’s my first show but hopefully all will go well.


Miniature Scene

I am working on creating a miniature scene of various goods such as letters, parcels etc. I got tired of making the singles and decided to work on a bigger project for now. The rubber stamps in the picture were created with wood, clay, oil paints and clear stickers. They measure about 4mm in width.


Food Series 1 Project

My next project to conquer for the show is a set of 5 different foods on wooden trays. I am about 80% complete with the sandwich/boiled egg combo and starting the next one (lettuce leaves and ??).


Kitchen Project-Stove Continuation

I am fairly happy with how the stove is turning out. I built the prototype with wood then went on to assemble the actual model with styrene so it had a smoother appearance but the styrene was too thin and the thicker boards were to difficult to cut and shape so I tried to smooth the original balsa model with clay and paint then a coat of varnish. I just need to add the back board and some buttons.

100_1635.JPG 100_16371.JPG

Kitchen Project Flooring

I finished the base and table for my kitchen project. Everything has a vintage/junk style look to it. I am still building the stove and working on adding some accessories such as bread, fruit, bacon and eggs, etc.